Judge GrantLawmakers and government officials, business leaders, and lawyers are invited to attend the New Jersey Civil Justice Institute’s 2nd Annual Winter Policy Forum. This year’s event, which is being held on Tuesday, March 15, from Noon-1:30 PM, at the Trenton Country Club, will feature a keynote address from Judge Glenn A. Grant, J.A.D., the Acting Administrative Director of New Jersey Courts.


The administrative side of the court system is a critical, yet often-overlooked, aspect of our legal system. Our focus on case law and judicial decision-making can distract from the reality that the rules governing the legal system play an important role in shaping our state law.


For example, over the past year, the court has considered whether to modify the rules governing expert testimony, the appeal of class certification decisions, and fee-shifting and bad faith claims in auto insurance cases. Changes to the rules governing any one of these topics would have just as big of impact as a New Jersey Supreme Court opinion on the topic, yet we are all guilty of paying far more attention to the decisions the court hands down than to the administration of the system as a whole.


Hearing from Judge Grant at NJCJI’s luncheon on March 15 will give us all greater insight into the administrative side of the court system, so that we can better understand and appreciate it.