The New Jersey Law Journal has released its latest Superior Court Survey, which is the best information available about what our state’s attorneys think about the quality of our state’s judges.


Lawyers who took the Law Journal’s survey were asked to grade judges on a 1-to-10 scale, with 10 being the highest, in each of nine evaluative categories:


  • (1) fairly weighs evidence and arguments,
  • (2) properly applies procedure and evidence rules,
  • (3) is knowledgeable on substantive law,
  • (4) is capable of handling complex cases,
  • (5) is familiar with pleadings, briefs and record,
  • (6) skillfully fosters settlement when appropriate,
  • (7) moves proceedings and makes decisions promptly,
  • (8) is courteous and respectful to litigants and lawyers and
  • (9) is unbiased as to race, gender and party identity.


Click here to access the survey results.