One of our complaints about New Jersey’s Consumer Fraud Act is that it is overly broad – encompassing many disputes that could resolved more efficiently by other means. We frequently oppose bills that would add to the already cumbersome Act, so it surprised many when came out in support of a recent bill expanding the CFA.


A3364/S2174, which was signed into law on November 9 by Governor Christie, will prohibit the manufacture, sale, or installation of counterfeit or nonfunctional air bags in motor vehicles. Violators could be charged with a crime and also punished in a civil suit under the Consumer Fraud Act.


This is exactly the kind of thing that should be regulated by the Consumer Fraud Act – fraud.


The CFA must be treated as intended – as a weapon for punishing fraudsters, not as a balm for injured plaintiffs or a way for attorneys to make quick cash. If you agree, click here to sign our petition to the New Jersey Legislature asking for some common sense reforms that will make sure the Consumer Fraud Act fights fraud, not business.