Murphy Outlines His Budget Priorities

On March 13, Gov. Murphy delivered first budget address to a joint session of the legislature, giving the state its first good idea of his priorities now that he is in office. From now until July 1, the legislature will be focused on passing a budget built on the foundation Murphy laid.

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Legal Reform Can Help Rev Up New Jersey’s Economic Engine

Gov. Phil Murphy has issued an executive order creating a new Jobs and Economic Opportunity Council tasked with providing the Governor actionable advice on how to improve the state’s economy and create more jobs. We are encouraging the Council to include legal reform in its recommendations since our state’s current legal climate is hindering economic growth.

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Report Offers Insight Into Murphy’s Legal Agenda

Gov. Murphy ran on a progressive, social-justice-orientated agenda, but as is the trend right now, offered few details on specific policy proposals. Until we hear Murphy’s budget address, and see his proposed budget, much of his agenda remains a mystery. However, we are getting some clues about what his legal policy plans are based on the Law & Justice report from his transition committee.

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