The Attorney General is Our State’s Front-Line Fraud Fighter

Across the nation, the first week of March is celebrated as Consumer Protection Week. In New Jersey, the Attorney General’s office marks this occasion by warning consumers about the latest scams, and releasing data on consumer complaints that were filed with the office over the previous year. As in years past, this year’s data suggest that the Attorney General’s office, specifically the New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs, is the public’s most important protector against scam artists and fraudsters.

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Taming the Leviathan

New Jersey’s Consumer Fraud Act has been expanded over the years by the courts and the legislature to the point where it is no longer focused on protecting consumers from fraud. Instead, it is becoming a catch-all law that is invoked even in situations where there are no consumers or fraud to be found. This is not ideal since the CFA encourages litigation in many disputes that could resolved more efficiently by other means.

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Consumer Fraud Reform Gains Momentum

Last week we announced that a bill had been introduced in the New Jersey Assembly that would make important changes to our state’s oft-abused Consumer Fraud Act. This week we are happy to announce that a companion bill, S1669, has been introduced by Senators Oroho (R-Sparta) and Van Drew (D-Cape May Court House).

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Bill Introduced to Overhaul New Jersey’s Consumer Fraud Act

Have you ever clicked “shrink to fit” or “shrink one page” in order to save paper by printing out a document that is just over one page on a single sheet? If so, you may be in violation of New Jersey’s Consumer Fraud Act, which has very specific rules about appropriate font size. If someone successfully sues you over your green printing habits, you will owe them 3 times what they are claiming as damages, and you will have to pay their attorneys’ fees (as well as your own). Seems a bit excessive doesn’t it?

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Attorney Made Infamous by His Premature Penis Enhancement Litigation Now Suing JDate Over Spam Email

Businesses be warned, Harold Hoffman has a new shtick. A few years ago, New Jersey Attorney Harold Hoffman made headlines when the court ruled that he could not bring a New Jersey Consumer Fraud Act suit against a company selling a penis enhancement product without actually trying the product. Now he is in the news again, this time for suing the popular Jewish dating website JDate for emailing him.

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