A Fraud On Us All

In her Inquirer article on the Consumer Fraud Act-based Super Bowl ticket lawsuit, author Jan Hefler optimistically asserts, “A ruling in the fan’s favor could also lead to lower ticket prices the next time the Super Bowl is held at MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, N.J.” That the court recently ruled in the fan’s favor is true. Whether it will lead to lower ticket prices in the future is a more complicated question.

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The Super Bowl Lawsuit That Never Ends

According to the New York Times, Josh Finkelman is the “Erin Brockovich of Super Bowl tickets.” After paying well over face value for tickets to Super Bowl XLVIII, which was held at Met Life Stadium in 2014, he sued the National Football League under New Jersey’s Consumer Fraud Act, arguing he should have been able to attend the game without buying expensive tickets on the secondary market.

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New Jersey: A Hot Bed of Food Litigation

"Lawsuits against the food industry gain notoriety because they are viewed by the public as a shocking or humorous. But as the number of these suits grows, the novelty wears off. People begin to view these sorts of lawsuits as legitimate, and the prediction that food is the next tobacco (aka: the next big payday for trial attorneys) begins to sound less farfetched." writes NJCJI President Marcus Rayner in an op-ed in the South Jersey Times.

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