I can hear the television commercial now: “Did you suffer emotional damage when Michael Jackson died? You may be eligible for compensation.”


Court Finds Fan Club Members Were Harmed by Michael Jackson’s Death

Kevin Underhill | Lowering the Bar

“As far as I know,” said the plaintiffs’ lawyer, “this is the first time in the world that the notion of emotional damage in connection with a pop star has been recognized.” He meant legally recognized, because who hasn’t suffered some sort of emotional damage connected with Ke$ha, Justin Bieber, or whoever thought up the “Harlem Shake,” just to give a few examples? But it may be the first time a court has actually awarded damages to a fan for emotional distress following the death of a pop star.

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“New Car Smell” Blamed for Fatal Accident

Walter Olson | Overlawyered

Police in Santa Cruz, Calif. say the driver of a new Tesla had fallen asleep at the wheel last November when his car struck and killed a bicyclist. 63-year-old retired tech executive Navindra Kumar Jain told police that “new car smell” had caused him to nod off and that there were no other mechanical problems with the vehicle. A lawsuit filed by the victim’s family names both Tesla and Jain as defendants.

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Palisades Park Family Sues Bronx Zoo After Child Swallows Souvenir Penny

Alex Napoliello | NJ.com

The family of a Palisades Park 3-year-old is suing the Bronx Zoo after he suffered serious injuries from swallowing a souvenir penny distributed by the zoo last summer.

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