The Bridgegate scandal continues to dominate the New Jersey political scene, drawing the media’s and the legislature’s attention away from other issues. The ripple effects of the investigation are being felt well beyond the legislature as the number and scope of subpoenas increases.


Christie’s Agenda Could Suffer Because of Scandal

Geoff Mulvihill and Angela Delli Santi | AP

This is the year Chris Christie was planning to be more than just New Jersey’s governor. Yet it turns out that high-profile investigations into his administration and campaign operation in a political payback case could make advancing his agenda a challenge.

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Christie Campaign Gets Green Light To Use Election Funds for Legal Fees

Michael Booth | New Jersey Law Journal

New Jersey election law regulators say Gov. Chris Christie’s re-election campaign committee can use unspent funds—and raise more—to pay its legal fees and expenses to comply with document subpoenas in the investigation of last fall’s George Washington Bridge access lane closures that crippled traffic.

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New Bridge Scandal Subpoenas Seek Records Related to Chris Christie, ARC Tunnel and More

Christopher Baxter | The Star-Ledger

The legislative panel investigating the George Washington Bridge scandal wants to know how closely Gov. Chris Christie’s office and allies at the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey coordinated to blame the lane closings on a traffic study, records released today show.


The 18 subpoenas issued this week also cast a far wider net than past rounds, seeking information about the defunct ARC (Access to the Region’s Core) tunnel project, any dossiers compiled by Christie and his campaign on Fort Lee Mayor Mark Sokolich, and a month and a half of State Police helicopter records.

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In Inquiry, It’s Christie Against Prosecutor

David W. Chen | The New York Times

For most of the nearly 1,600 days that Paul J. Fishman has been the United States attorney for New Jersey, he has carved out a strikingly different path from the juggernaut who preceded him: Gov. Chris Christie.

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Chris Christie’s Long Record of Pushing Boundaries, Sparking Controversy

Carol Morello and Carol D. Leonnig | Washington Post

As the top federal prosecutor in New Jersey, Chris Christie struck an unusual deal with Bristol-Myers Squibb.


In exchange for not charging the drugmaking giant with securities fraud, Christie’s office would require it to fund a professorship at Seton Hall University’s law school — Christie’s alma mater.

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