Legal reform has the power to spur economic growth while being budget-neutral.   It’s one of its most compelling arguments.


But now that the Legislature is on a budget break hiatus – the period between the end of March and the end of June when only the Budget Committees meet to finalize next year’s fiscal budget – here are some tips to assuage your legal reform energy:


Take a look at your municipal budget.  How much money is your town or city spending on litigation costs?  It’s probably much higher than you think.  Could some endangered local government service be spared if its litigation tab weren’t so high?   Perhaps it’s worth mentioning at your next town council meeting, especially if a lot of cases are referred to expensive private firms.  You’ll be happy you spoke up when your next property tax bill is due.


See where redistricting has left you.  Are you in a newly configured legislative district?  Use this as an opportunity to educate your legislators (most of whom are seeking reelection) on the importance of a business-friendly climate in New Jersey.  Even if they are familiar with the pro-growth arguments we make, they might not have thought about legal reform as a means to achieving economic growth.  You can check the new legislative map here to see if your municipality has been moved to a different district.


In sum, the budget break is a great time for legal reformers to connect the dots between economic growth in Trenton and municipal and family budgets at home.  It’s a great way to keep up the momentum and learn more about your community at the same time.