..said Good Morning America’s Lara Spencer.


Spencer was responding to news that a Texas high school football coach is suing the Dallas Cowboys Stadium over a runaway golf cart incident in 2011.


Remember that?  Neither do I, but it supposedly went viral:


After taking a year and a half to mull it over, Willie Amendola, father of Patriots wide receiver Danny Amendola, is seeking $ 1 million in damages for the “great personal embarrassment” he suffered.


Despite conceding that he wasn’t seriously hurt while attempting to get the unmanned golf cart under control, Amendola is also seeking compensation for the following: past and future physical pain and suffering [interesting, since he wasn’t seriously hurt]; past and future mental anguish; physical impairment, past and future; disfigurement, past and future; past and future medical expenses; loss of earning capacity [he’s still a gainfully employed high school football coach]; loss of enjoyment.


Here’s some advice: Drop the lawsuit and laugh.  It’s the best medicine.