You may recall an eyeroll-inducing $4.2 million red light camera settlement proposed earlier this year.  Motorists who meet certain criteria (and complete all administrative paperwork) are eligible for an insulting $6.00 award… which hardly makes a dent in the average $85 – $140 red light camera citation.  The attorney, on the other hand, will benefit nicely: Stephen DeNittis is set to make $1,000,000.00.  Final settlement approval is expected on September 12th.


In the mean time, DeNittis will be setting his sights on the next potential NJ Consumer Fraud Act cash cow: TGI Friday’s alleged alcohol-swapping scam.  Unsuspecting consumers were routinely given cheap liquor at premium prices at 13 of its New Jersey restaurants, according to a year-long study by New Jersey Division of Alcohol Beverage Control.  DeNittis is now rising to the occasion and seeking compensation for himself New Jersey consumers in a proposed class action lawsuit.


Let’s hope that the ‘New Jersey consumers’ DeNittis represents aren’t made a spectacle (again).