Make N.J. courts more user-friendly

The Times’ editorial “N.J. bail reform effort is long overdue” (May 23) sheds important light on the need to reform New Jersey’s court system.


New Jersey Chief Justice Stuart Rabner proposed two committees to study the best way to overhaul both our criminal and civil court systems. While the editorial focus was on the committee to study bail reform, the second committee for which Justice Rabner called is important to New Jersey’s economy as well.


The amount of time spent before trial and the high cost makes people afraid to be sued and reluctant to use the court system to seek justice. It takes manpower out of the work force, strains taxpayer resources and takes private capital out of New Jersey’s economy. This is true for businesses as well, which must prioritize legal expenses over other business functions.


Navigating our court system has become an interminable and costly task for the average New Jerseyan. Justice Rabner’s commitment to making our legal system more efficient and fair is laudable.