Click here to join our fight for fairer laws and fewer lawsuits.Reading about bizarre lawsuits, like the one reported on this week where a guy is suing because he tripped over a Christmas tree set out at the curb, is somewhat of a guilty pleasure. It’s fun to imagine what in the world the plaintiff and their attorney were thinking. Although it is hard to assume it was something other than the “money, money, money, money, money” refrain in the classic O’Jays’ tune.


Our state’s judges shouldn’t have to waste time dealing with lawsuits that don’t pass the laugh test. But they do. All the time.


We cannot and should not shut the courthouse doors on such claims because we don’t want to prevent people with legitimate grievances from seeking justice, but we can discourage nefarious filers by making some common sense reforms to our legal system and empowering our judges to make quick work of silly suits.


The New Jersey Civil Justice Institute has an 11 point plan that could be adopted immediately to reduce lawsuit abuse. The time to act is now because the integrity of our court system should not be a laughing matter. Click here to join our fight for fairer laws and fewer lawsuits.