Accutane Ruling Affirms New Jersey Law is Headed in the Right Direction

This morning the Appellate Division issued an important ruling in the ongoing litigation over Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd.’s acne medication Accutane. The ruling brings to a close a case that has been bogging down the court system for over a decade, and sends a clear message that some choice of law questions are no longer open for debate.

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Taxation via Litigation Bill is Bad for Business

This morning Senate Budget and Appropriations Committee is holding a hearing on a bill that would raise taxes on companies and individuals that have been ordered to pay punitive damages. “There’s a reason no other states have a tax like this - it’s a terrible idea,” said Marcus Rayner, President of the New Jersey Civil Justice Institute.

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Let’s fight fraud, not business. Reform New Jersey’s Consumer Fraud Act now!

This morning at the State House, Sen. Steven Oroho (R-24) joined with the New Jersey Civil Justice Institute, the Commerce and Industry Association of New Jersey, the National Federation of Independent Businesses, the New Jersey Business and Industry Association, and the New Jersey Chamber of Commerce to call for the legislature to pass some common sense legal reforms to improve the state’s business climate.

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Assembly Voting On Legislation That Enriches Attorneys at the Expense of Injured Workers

This Thursday, December 18, the New Jersey Assembly is voting on A3403, which would award more money to workers compensation attorneys at the expense of their injured clients. “The Assembly needs to know that this bill benefits only attorneys and does nothing to help injured workers. This is a blatant cash grab by the trial bar and its only purpose to increase attorney compensation - money which comes directly from the injured worker's payout,” said NJCJI President Marcus Rayner.

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