New Jersey’s Consumer Protection Laws & Outlier Arbitration Rulings Highlighted in Annual “Judicial Hellholes” Report

The American Tort Reform Association has released its annual “Judicial Hellholes” report, and New Jersey is once again recognized as a state on the brink of becoming a litigation hot spot. ATRA notes that our state’s consumer protection laws are far from mainstream, and our court system is becoming hostile to arbitration agreements, in direct contravention of federal law.

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NJCJI Applauds Court’s Commitment to the Rule of Law in Complex Medical Malpractice Case

The New Jersey Supreme Court has today released its opinion in the interesting medical malpractice case, DeMarco v. Stoddard. The 5-2 majority opinion overturned an Appellate Division decision that had treated medical malpractice insurance like auto insurance, and reaffirmed the court’s commitment to applying the law as written.

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What’s the Impact of New Jersey’s Decision to Outsource Regulatory Enforcement?

On Friday, September 18, the New Jersey Civil Justice Institute is hosting a half day conference on New Jersey’s policy of outsourcing the enforcement of many business regulations to private attorneys. Outsourcing Enforcement? The Debate Over Privatizing the Role of Public Enforcement, is being held from 8:00-1:30 at the Hotel Woodbridge at Metropark. Many law-makers, business leaders, and attorneys will be in attendance.

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