Not every ridiculous lawsuit filed in the Garden State can make it into the upper echelon of absurdity, so this year we are awarding Dishonorable Mentions to a handful of suits that didn’t quite make the cut, but still leave us scratching our heads in disbelief.


Winery Sues the State to Clear its Name

The Old York Cellars winery in Hunterdon County is suing the New Jersey Turnpike Authority to make sure it is okay to sell wine playing off the quintessential New Jersey question, “What exit?” The Authority has previously alleged that the company is violating its Garden State Parkway trademark.


The String Bean Slip-And-Fall Suit

Slip and fall lawsuits are a well-known vehicle for fraudulent claims, so we were a little suspicious when we saw that ShopRite is being a sued by a woman who claims to have suffered serious injury when she slipped and fell on a string bean… two years ago. Cases like this are exactly why we fight to protect firm statutes of limitations. It is very hard to defend against claims brought a long time after an alleged injury.


Target Sued Over “Hazardous” Safety Features

Target is fighting a lawsuit filed against it by a mother who claims that the store’s giant red balls, which prevent cars from driving up onto the retailer’s sidewalks, are a nuisance because they attract children who want to play on them. Although this suit wasn’t filed in New Jersey, it was filed by a New Jersey resident, after her son injured himself playing outside of a New Jersey Target, so it still makes our list.


No Magic Words

According to the New Jersey Supreme Court, there are no magic words that make a contract including an arbitration agreement valid or invalid. However, this summer, a lower court struck down an arbitration agreement because the contract said the signer was waiving their right to a “trial,” but didn’t use the word “court.” Sounds like hocus pocus to us.


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