NJCJI is not the only organization that knows legal reform needs to be a component of New Jersey’s economic development plan. A broad coalition of New Jersey’s leading employers, small businesses, individuals, and not-for-profit business associations and professional organizations have joined our call for common sense legal reform.


The New Jersey Business and Industry Association’s “Blueprint for a Competitive Business Climate” identifies legal reform as one of the necessary components of a thriving business climate. They are right when they say:


“The cost of litigation impacts the ability of businesses to invest, expand and create jobs. Litigation costs not only affect our members directly, but also impact their customers, employees and suppliers. Often our laws encourage lawsuits, which may lead to frivolous claims that hurt both our members and consumers because lawsuits drive up the cost of doing business. This is one of the greatest hidden costs faced by our members and among the most difficult to control.”


If you agree that it is time to do something about the negative impact our poor legal climate is having on our state’s economic development potential, please click here to learn about the different ways you can get involved with NJCJI’s legal reform efforts.