S1766, which would expand causes of action in wrongful death cases to include mental anguish and emotional pain and suffering, did not receive a Senate Budget and Appropriations committee vote yesterday.  After a two hour delay, NJCJI was told just prior to the committee starting that the bill would not be discussed and would not be released from committee.

The legislation was last heard in the Senate Judiciary Committee in April 2018, with Committee Chair and bill sponsor Sen. Nick Scutari not permitting any testimony. The bill was second-referenced to the Budget and Appropriations Committee for further discussion.

The discussions over the Wrongful Death bill were also taking place against the backdrop of a four-hour committee hearing on the Senate President’s Worker Misclassification bill (S4204).  (More on this in the second newsletter story).  NJCJI has also been working closely with ICNJ and other members to oppose an effort to move legislation to expand Bad Faith remedies in Lame Duck.