Thanks for saving my life.  That’ll cost you $5 million.

When Carteret resident Ellen Shane was taken hostage at knifepoint at Woodbridge Center Mall earlier this year, a Woodbridge Township police officer valiantly saved her life, shooting the hostage taker as he lunged toward Shane and her husband.  His thanks?  The couple filed a $5 million lawsuit against the police department, claiming that she was traumatized.  More information.


One, two, three strikes and you’re sued!

Two years after being hit with a baseball at a Little League game, a Manchester woman filed suit against the 11-year-old catcher who overthrew the pitch.  Her husband, demanding a jury trial, sought additional damages for “loss of services, society, and consortium,” as a result of the child’s “reckless… assault and battery” of his wife.  More information.


No txting while bf is driving.

‘its ur fault i was txtin’ – We’re all familiar with the dangers and consequences of texting while driving.  A Morris County man decided to tinker with unimportant texts while behind the wheel and caused a lifetime of physical disabilities to a couple on a motorcycle.  So who did the couple sue for their significant damages?  The man’s girlfriend, whom he was texting.  They felt that the girlfriend “should have known” her boyfriend was driving and texting.   More information.


Walking while intoxicated? Yup, sue the bar.

On a much more somber note, popular Trenton delivery man Quirino Azcona met a tragic end on a wintery night in 2011.  Azcona began to walk home from a Trenton bar and made it as far as a snow bank before collapsing.  He laid there for an unspecified period of time before he was tragically caught in a city plow and killed.


But this is where it gets crazy.  Azcona’s estranged wife and children have decided to sue the bar where Azcona is believed to have been drinking that night.  Mother Nature, the National Weather Service, and Jack Daniels were not named in the suit.  At least, not for now.    More information.