Yes, that’s right – the same New Jersey lawyer is taking them to court.


Stephen DeNittis, who brokered the $6.00 per person class-action settlement on behalf of those who received red light camera tickets, has found his next professional conquest: Subway.


Subway is facing a class-action lawsuit under the New Jersey Consumer Fraud Act.  All it took was a lawyer and an antiquated law.  It started out as a Facebook photo in Australia.  One man’s footlong sub measured in at 11 inches, which sparked Mr. DeNittis’s interest in suing the sandwich shop under New Jersey law on behalf of nearly everyone who’s purchased one.


Good Morning America took an unofficial test.  Out of the six footlongs it purchased, all were indeed a foot long.  One was even slightly larger.


Of the $4.2 million settlement in the red light camera class action lawsuit, a whopping $6.00 was allocated for the plaintiffs who received tickets ranging from $85 – $140.  With approximately 500,000 plaintiffs, DeNittis received over $1 million for his trouble.


DeNittis’s thirst for the next big corporate cash-cow underscores exactly what we’ve been saying – New Jersey’s Consumer Fraud Act allows enterprising attorneys to file suit against nearly anyone, make millions in attorney’s fees, and walk away.  Consumers end up paying the price for higher production costs.


Assemblyman Craig Coughlin’s legislation, A-3264, would make these ridiculous lawsuits a rarity for New Jersey, instead of a punchline.  It’s time to advance this legislation before more of these ridiculous suits gain momentum.