Alliance celebrates 5th anniversary with video release, new motto.

TRENTON, N.J. – Marking its 5th anniversary in Trenton, the New Jersey Lawsuit Reform Alliance (NJLRA) has a new motto: Be Part of the Solution.

“Five years ago, the Trial Lawyers Association was on a legislative high, taking victory laps around vacant storefronts across the state,” said executive director Marcus Rayner. “We have put them on the defensive, working in a bipartisan manner to keep their influence in check.”

Membership has grown statewide, with more than seventy associations, businesses, and individuals representing nearly all of the state’s major industries.

“The New Jersey Lawsuit Reform Alliance is the voice of every New Jersey resident, business and taxpayer advocating for a fair and efficient legal system. We’ve come together to make a difference.”

NJLRA is launching a new public awareness campaign with its first installment of the “Be Part of the Solution” video series. It can be found online at