A selection of the need-to-know civil justice news for the week of Sept. 27-Oct. 3.


J&J Baby Powder Plaintiff Says Financial Injury Is Enough

Caroline Simson | Law360

The named plaintiff in a proposed class action accusing Johnson & Johnson of concealing cancer risks of its baby powder argued in federal court Thursday that it was irrelevant she had never developed the disease, saying her alleged financial injury was sufficient to keep the suit afloat.

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Sue Jimmy John’s, Get a Free Pickle

William Choslovsky |Chicago Tribune

So I am leisurely reading my Sunday newspaper, and there it is: an official-looking “Notice of proposed class action settlement.”. As a lawyer, I am curious, so I read further and learn that the case targets anyone who “purchased a sandwich at Jimmy John’s containing alfalfa sprouts” between Feb. 1, 2012, and July 21, 2014.

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Disney Hit With $250 Million Lawsuit From Woman Who Says Frozen Is Based on Her Life Story

Bruna Nessif and Claudia Rosenbaum |E!

This woman is certainly not about to let this go. Isabella Tanikumi, who also goes by L. Amy Gonzalez, has filed a three-page Federal complaint against the Walt Disney Company saying the company plagiarized her life story to make the blockbuster Frozen, E! News confirms, and is suing the mass media corporation for $250 million.

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Op-Ed: NJ Can Protect Consumers without Promoting Lawsuits

Marcus Rayner | NJ Spotlight

Remember last year’s wave of lawsuits claiming that some of Subway Sandwich Shops’ famous “footlong” subs weren’t quite a foot long? Some of the first suits filed were orchestrated by lawyers here in New Jersey because the state’s consumer protection law has been so badly distorted during the past few decades that it not only invites such preposterous litigation, but also often generously rewards it.

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