A selection of the need-to-know civil justice news for the week of October 22-28.


This Guy Is Suing The Media For Mocking His Mullet

David K. Li | New York Post

Business in front, party in the back, see you in court! An Australian man is suing two newspapers and a radio station for hyping – and perhaps mocking – his extreme mullet haircut.

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Canada Lawsuit: Cheese-Rolling Competition Injured Child Spectator

Walter Olson | Overlawyered

“According to cheese-rolling historians, humans may have been chasing wheels of cheese down steep slopes since pagan times. Written accounts of cheese-rolling date back nearly 200 years.” But now lawyers are catching up with the hazardous pastime. The original Gloucester cheese-rolling festival in England was officially canceled in 2010 — an unofficial version continues — and now in British Columbia, Canada, a suit claims compensation for a child spectator said to have been knocked to the ground by the impact of a rolling cheese on the other side of a safety net.

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‘Nuclear’ Verdicts Have Insurers Running From Trucks

Brian Baskin | Wall Street Journal

Truckers are finding it harder and costlier to line up coverage for their fleets, as a wave of blockbuster payouts over accidents pushes insurers out of the market.

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The Lawsuit Industry’s Attack on Arbitration Is Cynical and Selfish

Tiger Joyce of the American Tort Reform Association | Time

Until the former Miss America, family-values conservative and former Fox News anchor Gretchen Carlson filed a lawsuit last summer alleging she’d been sexually harassed by her boss, Roger Ailes, mainstream media and the progressive left had been far more inclined to mock Carlson than to stand with her.

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