A selection of the need-to-know civil justice news for the week of June 11-17.


NJ Justices Force Employers To Play Long Game In Bias Rows

Jeannie O’Sullivan | Law360

A New Jersey Supreme Court decision Wednesday sinking employer time limits on worker discrimination claims eradicates the certainty that such contractual restrictions could provide businesses over possible suits, forcing companies to think long when it comes to document retention and other litigation precautions, attorneys say.

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New Jersey Becomes Third Recent State Court to Refuse To Enforce Delegation Clause

Liz Kramer | Arbitration Nation

In a decision that appears intentionally controversial, the Supreme Court of New Jersey yesterday refused to enforce the delegation clause in a for-profit college’s enrollment agreement in a 5-1 opinion.  Morgan v. Sanford Brown Institute, 2016 WL 3248016 (N.J. June 14, 2016).  Although the delegation clause had never been specifically challenged by the plaintiffs, as is required by SCOTUS’s Rent-A-Center in order to avoid delegating the issue of arbitrability to the arbitrator, the court found that was immaterial.

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Man Pleads Guilty in Auto Crash, Then Sues City Alleging Police Siren and Lights Distracted Him

Martha Neil | ABA Journal

A man who pleaded guilty to reckless driving in a suburban Chicago accident that injured multiple people last year is now pursuing a lawsuit over the crash.

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Christie Nominates Chris Porrino As Attorney General of the State of New Jersey


Today, Governor Chris Christie announced that he has nominated Chris Porrino as Attorney General, to succeed acting Attorney General Robert Lougy. Porrino will serve as Acting Attorney General until confirmed by the Senate. Porrino currently leads Lowenstein Sandler’s national litigation practice where he represents businesses and individual clients in criminal, civil and regulatory matters.

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Finalists In The 19th Annual Wacky Warning Labels Contest Announced

Bob Dorigo Jones | Let’s Be Fair!

The five wackiest warning labels of 2016 have just been announced as part of the Center for America’s 19th annual Wacky Warning Labels Contest.

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