A selection of the need-to-know civil justice news for the week of February 6-12.


Chicago Officer, Citing Emotional Trauma, Sues Estate of Teenager He Fatally Shot

Mitch Smith | New York Times

The Chicago police officer who fatally shot a black 19-year-old and an unarmed bystander in December has filed a lawsuit seeking more than $10 million in damages from the teenager’s estate, an unusual legal approach based on a claim that the young man’s actions leading up to the gunfire were “atrocious” and have caused the officer “extreme emotional trauma.”

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Trial Lawyer Ad Spending Last Year More Than Doubles Record Amount Spent on Super Bowl Ads

US Chamber’s Institute for Legal Reform

Cam Newton was pouting — and Peyton Manning smiling — after the Denver Broncos’ win in Super Bowl 50 last Sunday, but the biggest winner might have been the CBS television network, which raked in a record $377 million in Super Bowl TV commercials. This annual round of ads is famous for producing hilarious, or tear jerking, spots that cost advertisers a significant chunk of change for their efforts to outshine their competitors. Believe it or not, however, the enormous sums spent on Super Bowl ads actually pale in comparison to the amount plaintiffs’ attorneys spent on advertising in 2015 alone: $892 million.

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Warner Music Pays $14 Million to End ‘Happy Birthday’ Copyright Lawsuit

Eriq Gardner | The Hollywood Reporter

Sing the song, blow out the candles, eat the cake and unwrap the gifts. According to a court filing on Monday, music publisher Warner/Chappell will pay $14 million to end a lawsuit challenging its hold on the English language’s most popular song, “Happy Birthday to You.” Additionally, the settlement stipulates a proposed final judgment and order that would declare the song to be in the public domain. A memorandum in support of the settlement sings the praises of the deal as “truly, an historic result.” U.S. District Judge George H. King will have to sign off on it.

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Husband Sues Wife Over Valentine’s Day Present

Randy Spencer | Coverage Opinions

Roger and Sharon Buckley were husband and wife. Roger bought Sharon a “gold dipped rose” for Valentine’s Day. This is a real rose that has been preserved and trimmed with 24 karat gold. It is made to last forever. Sharon was not impressed with her husband’s purchase. She took to Facebook to declare it “the tackiest thing I have ever seen.” Sharon then added to her FB post: “I think Roger has a girlfriend, he gave her this hideous thing and she gave it back. It must not be returnable so now it’s mine.”

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