14May22_NJCourtsAppEver need to know where to park when visiting an unfamiliar courthouse? How about what to do when the opposing party seeks to introduce evidence you object to? There’s now an app for that. The NJ Attorney app, available for Apple, Android and Windows mobile devices, was recently released by the NJ court system.

The app is divided into four main services. Using the News & Resources icon, attorneys can access Judiciary news releases, Notices to the Bar, and Judiciary social media sites. [Users] can also watch archived Supreme Court webcasts.


Attorneys can tap other icons to access directions, contact information, and announcements about unscheduled closings for the Supreme Court, the Appellate Division of Superior Court, the Tax Court, and each Superior Court location. Also available are the location, court hours, court leadership and contact information for each of the state’s 522 municipal courts.


A fourth icon includes information for administrative offices whose services attorneys use most often, including the clerk’s offices for the Supreme Court, Appellate Division, Superior Court and Tax Court. Links to the Lawyers’ Fund for Client Protection and the Office of Attorney Ethics also are included. Directions and parking, unscheduled closings and contact information are available for each location.

The attorney app is the second mobile app developed by the Judiciary. The NJ Juror app, released in 2013, offers jurors convenient access to information about their jury service, including directions, parking information, call-off messages and announcements, and contact information for local jury managers. A list of frequently asked questions and a link to the “You, the Juror” introductory video that all jurors watch at the beginning of their jury service also are available.