Many of New Jersey’s school districts have maintained that New Jersey’s bipartisan anti-bullying law, while well-intentioned, is a costly unfunded mandate.  A state panel agreed, which prompted the law’s sponsors and Governor Christie to allocate $1 million to the state’s local school districts in order to help them pay for staffing and training.


As the Gloucester County Times pointed out in an editorial earlier this month, $1 million spread over 612 school districts isn’t likely to quell the districts’ concerns regarding the law’s cost.


And as NJCJI points out in a letter-to-the-editor, with so many bureaucratic nuisances, litigation is all but assured.


“It ought to be possible to have an effective anti-bullying strategy in each of our schools without breaking anyone’s bank,” the GC Times wrote.


New Jersey needs a strong anti-bullying law. But with respect to this particular law, the bleeding has only begun.


Read NJLRA’s letter here.