Trenton, NJ – Marcus Rayner, Executive Director of the New Jersey Lawsuit Reform Alliance, today issued the following statement in reaction to the New Jersey Supreme Court’s ruling in Bosland v. Warnock Dodge Inc., which resolved the question of whether consumers are required to ask merchants for a refund before filing a lawsuit under the Consumer Fraud Act:

“The Court’s ruling in this case is yet another blow to common sense in New Jersey. This decision makes New Jersey employers an even bigger target for frivolous lawsuits, because now even the most minor business disputes that could be easily resolved will be escalated to our courts.”

“This particular case involved a car dealer overcharging a customer for registration fees by about $40. Instead of asking the dealer for a refund, the customer went straight to the courtroom. New Jerseyans understand that encouraging consumers to sue as a first resort is a significant abuse of our legal system, especially when damages are minimal and there is a reasonable option for settlement.”

“The victims of this decision will be consumers, who can look forward to higher prices as businesses pass on new liability costs. It’s time we did more to protect consumers – not trial lawyers looking for new ways to fill their pocketbooks.”

The New Jersey Lawsuit Reform Alliance (NJLRA) is a statewide, bipartisan group of businesses, individuals and organizations committed to improving the State’s civil justice system by advocating for legal reforms in the legislature and in the courts. NJLRA believes a balanced civil justice system is critical to ensuring fair and open courts, maintaining and attracting jobs and fostering economic growth in New Jersey. NJLRA is the only organization in New Jersey dedicated exclusively to civil justice reform.