Pending legislation, A1650, seeks to drastically limit the ability of New Jersey employers to use restrictive covenants to protect their legitimate business interests. A1650 recently sailed through the Assembly Labor Committee without amendments, despite significant opposition from NJCJI and the New Jersey business community. However, NJCJI continues to make the case that this bill casts far too wide a net in its current form and is therefore bad for New Jersey’s economy.

This week, NJCJI’s President, Anthony Anastasio, authored an Op-Ed on the bill that was published by This Op-Ed reiterates some of the problems with the bill described in NJCJI’s testimony before the Assembly Labor Committee, and also, offers insights as to why this bill and other recent employment legislation fails to effectively balance competing interests. NJCJI will continue to sound the alarm about this bill and other legislation that seeks to radically alter the existing paradigm of employment law to the detriment of innovation and job creation in New Jersey.

Anthony was also quoted in an article on this topic published on Links to both articles can be found below: