Ladies and gentlemen: we have a ‘winner’!

Craziest Lawsuit of 2013 Results

We asked for your opinion, and you told us: suing for $40 million because your son was booted from the school track team takes the cake for craziest lawsuit of them all. 

A distant second was a class action lawsuit alleging that the popular ‘footlong’ sandwich at Subway restaurants fell a fraction of an inch short in some stores.


“I was surprised that the red light camera settlement didn’t ‘score’ higher,” said Marcus Rayner, NJLRA’s executive director.  “Motorists were paying fines up to $140, and instead of recouping their losses, the attorney settled for over $4 million and kept the majority of it.  The average motorist will receive about $8.” 

Interestingly, the Subway lawsuit and red light camera settlement were brokered by the same attorney, South Jersey-based Stephen DeNittis. 

“It was a profitable year for him,” said Rayner.

Whether Lance Armstrong‘s autobiography could be considered a work of fiction and a golfer who sued a threesome for failing to yell “fore!” accounted for 10 and 12 percent of votes, respectively. 

The poll was conducted December 26th through the end of the year.