On Monday, June 8, the New Jersey Senate Labor Committee voted 4-1 to combine and move forward a pair of bills that, like so many others in the employment law context, open New Jersey employers up to liability for something that is regulatory in nature.


On their face, S524 (sponsored by Sen. Gill (D-34)) and S1130 (sponsored by Sen. Turner (D-15)), now combined into SCS524, are just prohibitions against discriminating against employees and job applicants with bad credit. Under the surface, these bills, increase the liability risk businesses in New Jersey must face. As we have repeatedly said, increasing liability risk is bad for New Jersey’s economy.


NJCJI is not taking a position on the propriety of regulating employee credit checks, but we are opposing these bills because they unnecessarily increase the liability risk New Jersey businesses face. If the legislature wants to regulate employee credit checks, it should not rely on the court system for enforcement.


Click here to read NJCJI’s testimony in opposition to this legislation.


If you would like to contact your representatives in the New Jersey Legislature to let them know the liability risk in this and other legislation is bad for business, click here.


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