Like so many other bills in the employment law context that have been considered recently, S524 and S1130, are a liability boondoggle disguised as a regulatory mandate. On their face, these bills simply prohibit employers from conducting credit history checks on employees and job applicants. But under the surface, this legislation dramatically increases the liability risk businesses in New Jersey must face since it would encourage employees and job applicants to take non-compliant employers to court. As we have repeatedly said, increasing liability risk is bad for New Jersey’s economy.


NJCJI is opposing this legislation because it unnecessarily increases the liability risk New Jersey businesses face. If the legislature wants to regulate employee credit checks, it should not rely on the court system for enforcement. Putting enforcement in the hands of the court may lower the bill’s fiscal note, but it is still a costly policy choice for employers and consumers.


Click here to read NJCJI’s testimony in opposition to this legislation.


Contact your Senator today and tell them to VOTE NO on S524 and S1130 (which SCS524 will probably be substituted for). Let them know the liability risk in this and other employment legislation is bad for business.