Political discourse reached another low this week, as a New York-based group of trial lawyers all but accused NJLRA and its members of being responsible for the tragic death of Trayvon Martin (nevermind that at least one NJLRA’er immediately donned a hoodie and signed petitions calling for his killer’s arrest).


It’s not unusual for large corporations to join a plethora of advocacy organizations and associations, but of course “Call-Me if-You’ve-Been-Hurt-by-Anything” didn’t let this truth get in the way.  In their mind, somehow this equates to an endorsement of ALEC’s agenda.


And with a fair amount of gender-baiting, they single out three pharmaceutical companies, all with a strong New Jersey presence, and all of which have produced life-enhancing drugs for men and women for generations.  Their argument (or lack thereof) seems to hinge on the quantity of reproductive drugs and devices (too many versus too few) instead of accessibility or affordability, and ignores the fact that the more resources these companies spend fighting frivolous legal claims, the fewer resources are available for innovation and the product development so many people depend upon.


If you want to have an honest conversation about legal reform and its importance to New Jersey’s economy and public health, let’s have one.  But seriously, leave Trayvon Martin and his grieving family alone.