The Senate President and sponsor of S4204, Senator Sweeney acknowledged obvious on Thursday, confirming that his independent contractor legislation would not be voted on in the final days of the Lame Duck session.

This legislation was introduced on the first day of Lame Duck and was widely expected to have made it to the governor’s desk.  Instead, an impressive coalition of independent contract workers, including freelance journalists, online tutors, stay-at-home moms with online graphic design businesses among others, came together to express their opposition to the legislation throughout the Lame Duck session.  The group did a phenomenal job of living to fight another day, and we look forward to continuing the collaboration. 

We anticipate that discussion on the issue will resume early in the next legislative session.  NJCJI will continue to lead coalition as we work towards a compromise that protects freedom of workers to choose to work independently.

Please email Alida if you would like to join this working group.