On January 15, the Assembly Labor Committee voted to advance a trio of bills that would expand New Jersey’s employee protection laws so that they cover unpaid interns.


While appreciate the concern for young people in the workplace, and for interns in particular, we are concerned that this bill will cause employers to stop offering unpaid internships. The bill so greatly increases employers’ liability risk that hiring interns becomes imprudent.


Internships are one of the best ways students today can get the experience necessary to ensure they are ready for the workforce upon graduation. As such, the legislature should not be limiting the availability of internships by passing legislation that will discourage employers from offering them.


The Bills are A2136, S539, and A3529. S539 has already passed the Senate, so it is up to the Assembly to stop this ill-considered legislation from becoming law.


Click here to read NJCJI’s testimony in opposition to this bill.