Members of the NJCJI team are New Jersey’s go-to experts on civil justice issues. In addition to lobbying for specific reforms we have identified as being good for New Jersey, we analyze every piece of legislation introduced in the state to determine its impact on civil liability. Legislators on both sides of the aisle have sponsored NJCJI-inspired reform measures, and have also voted down harmful legislation after hearing our concerns.

The issues listed below are of particular importance to NJCJI. A plain-language summary of each issue and links to key documents and analysis related to each topic are provided by clicking the issue titles below.

When specific bills specific of interest to NJCJI are introduced they are added to NJCJI’s Session Scorecard.

Please contact Marcus Rayner or Alida Kass with any questionsor comments on NJCJI’s general issues of interest or about specific bills that have been introduced this legislative session.



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