By Jessica M. Karmasek | Legal Newsline

Half a dozen civil justice reform bills were prefiled for introduction at the start of New Jersey’s legislative session.

The session officially began on Jan. 10.

According to Lawsuit Reform Watch, those reform measures prefiled include:

* Assembly Bill 241, which extends a $50 million cap on appeal bonds in civil actions to all industries in the state;

* Assembly Bill 894, which permits litigants contesting class certification the right to immediately appeal that ruling;

* Assembly Bill 966, which caps non-economic damages in medical malpractice actions at $250,000;

* Assembly Bill 1689, which establishes a medical malpractice part in the state’s superior court;

* Assembly Bill 1806, which concerns liability in good faith treatment cases, standards of care, insurance coverage for medical malpractice actions, and also sets time limits on medical malpractice claims being filed; and

* Assembly Bill 1926, which establishes limits for certain damages in medical malpractice actions.

Lawsuit Reform Watch, a blog about civil justice reform issues in New Jersey, and the New Jersey Lawsuit Reform Alliance advocate for a civil justice system that is “fair to all parties and that discourages lawsuit abuse.”