On April 10, the New Jersey Supreme Court’s Working Group on Business Litigation released its report analyzing the needs of the state’s business community and proposed actions by the court system that could address those needs.


The New Jersey Civil Justice Institute is pleased to see that the court recognizes the influential role the judicial branch plays in shaping the state’s business climate.


“A state’s litigation climate is one of the major factors businesses consider when determining whether to expand or locate in a particular area. Unfortunately, New Jersey has a reputation for being a very litigious state, and it hampers our economic growth. The working group’s report is certainly a step in the right direction if we want to improve New Jersey’s litigation climate and reputation in the business community.” said Marcus Rayner, President of the New Jersey Civil Justice Institute.


Of particular note is the working group’s recommendation that judges in complex commercial cases be encouraged to publish written opinions that address interesting or novel issues. “The value of more case law is greater clarity and consistency,” said Alida Kass, the New Jersey Civil Justice Institute’s Chief Counsel. “Encouraging judges to publish their commercial litigation decisions will ultimately enhance the predictability and consistency of the law, which is good for businesses and all other litigants.”


The New Jersey Civil Justice Institute (NJCJI, formerly the New Jersey Lawsuit Reform Alliance) was formed in 2007 to advocate for a civil justice system that treats all parties fairly and discourages lawsuit abuse. NJCJI and its members believe that a fair civil justice system resolves disputes expeditiously and impartially, based solely upon application of the law to the facts of each case. Such a system fosters public trust and motivates professionals, sole proprietors, and businesses to provide safe and reliable products and services while ensuring that truly injured people are fully compensated for their losses. Visit http://www.civiljusticenj.org for more information.




Emily Kelchen, NJCJCI Director of Public Affairs



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