A selection of the need-to-know civil justice news for the week of September 5-11.


Think Before You Hit ‘Send’: What Businesses Need to Know About the Telephone Consumer Protection Act

Dan Deane and Troy Lieberman | New Hampshire Business Review

Businesses in the digital age are increasingly turning to new telecommunications technologies to connect and interact with consumers. But many businesses do not realize that these new technologies are governed by an old law that, if ignored, could doom the business.

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The New Jersey Psychic With a Box of Swiss Gold

Michael Wilson | New York Times

Detectives entered a Wells Fargo branch in Cliffside Park, N.J., in April with a search warrant authorizing them to open safe deposit box No. 679. The box’s contents led them to Manhattan’s diamond district, uptown to a frail woman’s apartment in Washington Heights, then back across the river, revealing a multilayered, multistate network of deception and crime.

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A Tale of Two Hacks: How Ashley Madison’s Legal Woes Differ From Sony’s

Austin Siegemund-Broka | The Hollywood Reporter

In what’s become a familiar story, hackers once more have exposed a massive amount of personal information from a corporate database, supposedly for activist ends. Like with the hack on Sony Pictures in November, the lawsuits against Ashley Madison were quick to follow.

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Class Suit Targets Uber’s Pre-Employment Background Checks

Charles Toutant | New Jersey Law Journal

Uber Inc. has been hit with a putative class action in federal court in Newark claiming it violates the Fair Credit Reporting Act by using background reports in hiring decisions without allowing applicants to dispute entries in their reports.

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GCs Name States With The Worst Legal Climates

Aebra Coe | Law360

Senior attorneys at major companies say West Virginia has the worst legal climate in the nation for business, but a number of major litigation hubs aren’t far behind, with California, Florida, Texas, New Jersey and Pennsylvania ranking among the 20 worst states, according to a report Thursday.

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Pro Se Nation TV Program Launches This Week


Does the average person need a legal education these days? According to MaryLynn Schiavi, a resident of Long Valley who spent nine years in litigation, alternately represented by counsel and self-represented ‘pro se’ — the answer is a definitive yes.

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