A selection of the need-to-know civil justice news for the week of Nov. 22-28.


N.J. Assembly’s Paid Sick-Leave Bill as Written is Unfair to Employers: Opinion

Marcus Rayner | Star-Ledger

Cities across New Jersey have enacted mandatory paid sick leave laws during the past year, and now an effort is under way to pass similar legislation at the state level. Although proponents of the bill focus on allowing employees to stay home when they are sick, the legislation would do significantly more than that. As drafted, the bill would create unprecedented liability for New Jersey’s employers, making New Jersey the only state where an employee can sue over the paid sick leave requirement.

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Old Blood and Guts and Litigation

Eugene Volokh | The Volokh Conspiracy

The alleged owners of George Patton’s right of publicity are suing Maximum Video Games for using Patton’s identity in HISTORY® Legends of War: Patton. This is similar to the Manuel Noriega video-game lawsuit, which a trial court recently rejected, but here — for whatever it’s worth — Patton is a central figure in the game, rather than a peripheral one.

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A  Close Reading of My $20.91 Settlement Check

Jonathan Sourbeer | Wall Street Journal

A few weeks ago I received my Toyota Unintended Acceleration Economic Loss Settlement check. It was for $20.91. To a current student, working odd teaching-assistant jobs while trying to avoid loans, even a modest check was at first a pleasant surprise. But then I sat down and started to think, what does this settlement mean?

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TGI Fridays Sued For Not Printing All Drink Prices On Menu

Chris Morran | Consumerist

Given the vast number of available cocktails and beers available at most bars, it’s rare — if not impossible — to see a list of prices for everything you could drink. But in a recently filed class action suit, a man in New Jersey alleges that TGI Fridays is deliberately omitting drink prices to trick customers into paying more than they should.

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