A selection of the need-to-know civil justice news for the week of March 28-April 2.


Bread Lawsuit Half-Baked, Federal Judge Says

Thomas Zambito | NJ Advance Media for NJ.com

A federal judge has tossed out lawsuits filed by health-conscious New Jersey consumers who claimed their supermarkets duped them into paying extra for bread by claiming that it was made from scratch in their stores.

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5 Things to Know about Christie’s Exxon Settlement

S.P. Sullivan | NJ Advance Media for NJ.com

New Jersey’s decade-long fight over contamination at former Exxon Mobil industrial sites in the state came to a close Tuesday when a judge approved a controversial settlement agreement between the oil giant and Gov. Chris Christie’s administration.

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A Case Against Southwest Airlines Reveals the Biggest Problem with Consumer Lawsuits in America

Jacob Shamsian | Business Insider

Big consumer lawsuits are frequently a big win for lawyers but don’t do much for consumers or anybody else, and a recent lawsuit that objected to the way Southwest Airlines issued its drink coupons reveals just that.

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Do Supreme Court Decisions Move Markets?

Nicole Hong | Wall Street Journal’s Law Blog

Stock traders might want to start paying a bit more attention to the Supreme Court. That’s according to one research report published this week that says Supreme Court decisions moved the market value of publicly traded companies by a net $140 billion between 1999 and 2014.

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Supermarket Chain Must Pay Michael Jordan $8.9 Million for Using Name to Sell Steak

The Associated Press

Jurors at a civil trial focused on the market value of Michael Jordan’s identity handed him a major win Friday, ordering a grocery-store chain to pay him $8.9 million for invoking his name in a steak ad without his permission.

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NJ Group Wants To Keep Time Limit On Asbestos Suits

Jeannie O’Sullivan | Law360

The New Jersey Civil Justice Institute has raised concerns that a bill by Sen. Robert Singer, R-Ocean, to remove the statute of limitations on mesothelioma lawsuits would make the state “a magnet for asbestos litigation.”

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The Sad Story of How “Never Events” Prevent Obese Patients From Getting New Hips

Thomas D. Guastavino, MD | kevinmd.com

Daytime TV advertising is dominated by two players. Pharmaceutical companies with direct to consumer pitches and the so-called “toxic tort.” How confusing it must be to the average person to see a new drug pushed by one commercial, to be immediately followed by another commercial from a lawyer trying to sue for the known side effects of the exact same drug. It doesn’t take much for a toxic tort to get started, and the last thing we need is to feed this monstrosity.

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Poker Pro Says Sexy Borgata Waitresses Are Too Distracting

Bruce Golding | New York Post

One of the world’s best poker players is trying to turn the tables on card-cheat accusations from the Borgata — arguing that the Atlantic City casino stacks the deck all the time by distracting players with scantily clad cocktail waitresses.

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