A selection of the need-to-know civil justice news for September 2-8.


The Guy Who Claims He Invented Email Just Lost His Bogus Lawsuit

Bryan Menegus | Gizmodo

A libel claim on the part of Shiva Ayyadurai, the self-identified “inventor of email,” was tossed out by a Massachusetts judge today, concluding a baseless suit filed against Techdirt back in January. According to the site, the judge also “rejected Ayyadurai’s request to file an amended complaint.”

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Congress Can Rescind the CFPB’s Gift to Trial Lawyers

Ted Frank | Wall Street Journal

Do Americans need more lawsuits? They’ll get them if the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has its way. The CFPB—created by the Dodd-Frank Act of 2010 and still run by an Obama appointee—issued a rule in July barring financial institutions from including arbitration clauses in their contracts with customers. That means disputes would have to be settled by class-action lawsuits, which mostly benefit lawyers.

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Starbucks Class Actions Challenge Labeling on Doubleshot Espresso

Paul Tassin | Top Class Actions

Two class action plaintiffs accuse Starbucks of mislabeling its Doubleshot Espresso drinks to trick consumers into thinking they actually contain two shots of espresso. The accusation is at the core of two separate Starbucks class action lawsuits filed on the same day in New York and California federal courts.

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