A selection of the need-to-know civil justice news for August 5-18.


Man Trips Over Package While Exiting Home, Sues Fedex For $1M

David Yates | SE Texas Record

Fedex was recently hit with a $1 million lawsuit, brought by a man who allegedly tripped and fell over a package while exiting his home.

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AT&T GC Says Choosing ADR Over Court Has Become ‘Overriding Philosophy’

Jennifer Williams-Alvarez | Corporate Counsel

For a massive company like AT&T, conflict resolution rather than litigation to resolve a dispute is an “overriding philosophy” that benefits the business and its customers, [senior executive vice president and general counsel David] McAtee said in an interview with Corporate Counsel. For the legal department, he explained, this approach requires balancing this preference for alternative dispute resolution with judgment on when a dispute simply needs to be fought out in court.

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