Trial Attorneys Are Not All Selfless White Knights

The Manhattan Institute has released the 20th installment of its groundbreaking, investigative series Trial Lawyers Inc. The most recent report, like the many that have come before it, reaffirms the fact that not all attorneys are practicing because they believe in fighting for justice. Some attorneys are simply in the business because it is good business.

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Fraud and Abuse Abound in Asbestos Cases

Last year’s eye-opening decision in the case In re Garlock Sealing Technologies, LLC was shocking. We had long suspected that asbestos plaintiffs and their attorneys were gaming the system in order to increase their recoveries, but we had no idea just how big of a problem it was. Garlock showed that mitigating evidence had been withheld in almost all the cases brought against it over the past decade, but was the same thing happening in cases brought against other defendants?

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Report: Plaintiffs’ Lawyers Score Big Perks for Themselves Lobbying Federal Agencies

A new report from the American Tort Reform Association and the U.S. Chamber’s Institute for Legal Reform, “The Trial Lawyer Underground: Covertly Lobbying the Executive Branch,” documents how plaintiffs’ lawyers have been able to successfully lobby the executive branch to expand civil liability (and increase their bottom lines) over the past few years.

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