What Does the Latest SCOTUS Ruling on Mass Actions Mean for New Jersey?

Earlier this week, the United States Supreme Court issued its ruling in a closely watched case concerning state based mass actions. The decision, which shuts down certain forms of forum shopping, might lead to more lawsuits being filed in New Jersey state courts because of our state’s plaintiff-friendly laws and the fact that many major businesses call New Jersey home.

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Decision Invites More Out-Of-State Plaintiffs

The New Jersey Supreme Court has released its opinion in a long-running lawsuit over the acne medicine Accutane. Instead of throwing out the case as time-barred like NJCJI suggested it do, the Court adopted a new test for determining what statute of limitations should apply in case brought by an out-of-state plaintiff.

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Is New Jersey Still a Hot Spot for Pharmaceutical Litigation?

New Jersey has a reputation it needs to rid itself of. No, we’re not talking about the hit our state took from being stereotyped as the home of Snooki and the rest of the Jersey Shore gang. What we’re talking about is our reputation as a magnet for pharmaceutical lawsuits. Although we have seen some positive changes in our court system over the past few years, our status as the nation’s medicine chest is still threatened by excessive litigation.

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