Employment Bills Scheduled for Vote on Monday

Several employment bills will be heading for floor votes on Monday, including two of particular concern to NJCJI. The “Diane B. Allen Equal Pay Act” continues to regulate much more than “equal” pay and would present a significant danger to employers who do, in fact, compensate all employees equally for equal work. S121/A1242, legislation “Concerning Discrimination” would also impose significant risk on employers, attempting to interfere with the enforceability of widespread employment contract provisions and run afoul of the Federal Arbitration Act.

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Crafting More Workable Sick Leave Legislation

Governor Phil Murphy campaigned on a promise to sign sick leave legislation. He mentioned the issue again in his budget address, urging the legislature to get a bill to his desk. And an Assembly version sponsored by Assemblywoman Lampitt was heard and voted out of the Assembly Labor Committee this week and is moving through the legislative process.

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New Jersey High Court Ponders Liability in the New Economy

Contract work blurs the traditional definitions and roles of employee and employer, and this evolution of the labor market has created tension between contract law and employment law. The New Jersey Supreme Court has taken up a case that arises out of that evolution. It is deciding whether contract employees can be required to waive tort claims they might bring against a contract employer when Workers Compensation is available from their direct employer. We filed an amicus brief in this case arguing that making the Workers’ Comp model compatible with the modern economy requires that such arrangements be upheld.

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