New Jersey Supreme Court Doubles Down on Bad Arbitration Law

On June 14, the New Jersey Supreme Court released its highly anticipated opinion in Morgan v. Sanford Brown Inst. The case has been closely watched because it is the first time the court has taken up an arbitration-related case since it began experimenting with reining in arbitration during the 2013-14 court term. Despite NJCJI’s best effort, namely an amicus curie brief arguing New Jersey must conform to federal law, the court affirmed that it intends to carve out special rules for how our state will treat arbitration agreements.

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High Court Decision Calls Employment Contracts Into Question

The New Jersey Supreme Court issued another disappointing decision this week, over-turning an employment contract in the name of creating better public policy. At issue was an employment contract that set its own time limit for bringing lawsuits against the employer instead of relying on the default rules in the statutes as a limit. The high court decided to ignore the contract and allow the employee to bring a lawsuit well after the time limit he had agreed to when he was hired.

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Abusive Lawsuits Kill Small Businesses

This week we learned that the judge who filed the famous $54 million lawsuit over a missing pair of pants is finally getting his comeuppance. But something is missing from the stories following up on this crazy story. We wanted to know what happened to the defendants in the case. The last news we could find on the owners of the dry cleaning business Roy Pearson sued, Soo and Jin Chung, is not the happy ending you might expect.

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Defending New Jersey TCCWNA Claims & How to Prevent Your Company’s Website from Becoming a Target

On June 7, NJCJI President Marcus Rayner will participate in a panel discussion of New Jersey’s Truth-in-Consumer Contract, Warranty and Notice Act (TCCWNA). The Act is a growing problem for businesses operating in our state, and even out of state businesses who simply allow New Jerseyans to visit their websites.

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The TCCWNA Hall of Shame

New Jersey’s Truth-in-Consumer Contract, Warranty and Notice Act (TCCWNA) has been turned into an instrument through which the plaintiff’s bar plays “gotcha,” turning harmless technical regulatory violations into cases which generate huge attorneys’ fees, but no real benefit for the consumers supposedly “harmed.” NJCJI is counting down the 6 most absurd TCCWNA lawsuits we’ve seen so far. Know of another lawsuit you think should make our list? Let us know!

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Legal Reform & Economic Development

Each day seems to bring additional news confirming what we already know: New Jersey needs economic growth to create jobs and much needed tax revenue. The state took a tremendous hit during the recession, and has yet to fully recover. The state’s unemployment rate remains high, and the budget gap continues to widen as revenue collections miss their targets.

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