Employment Bills Scheduled for Vote on Monday

Several employment bills will be heading for floor votes on Monday, including two of particular concern to NJCJI. The “Diane B. Allen Equal Pay Act” continues to regulate much more than “equal” pay and would present a significant danger to employers who do, in fact, compensate all employees equally for equal work. S121/A1242, legislation “Concerning Discrimination” would also impose significant risk on employers, attempting to interfere with the enforceability of widespread employment contract provisions and run afoul of the Federal Arbitration Act.

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Another Outlier Opinion on Arbitration

Last week, the New Jersey Appellate Division issued another decision that restricts the ability of employers to enter arbitration agreements with their employees. The two-judge panel in Dugan vs. Best Buy Co. Inc., voided an otherwise valid arbitration agreement over the check-the-box agreement process the company used to roll out its new policy.

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