NJCJI is part of a broad coalition of pro-business entities opposing A2354, which would require New Jersey employers to provide employees with paid sick leave. While other opponents have spoken out against the broader implications this bill will have on the state’s economy, NJCJI is focused on the hidden liability risks this bill poses. The Star-Ledger has published an opinion piece by NJCJI President Marcus Rayner that outlines our concerns.


N.J. Assembly’s Paid Sick-Leave Bill as Written is Unfair to Employers: Opinion


Marcus Rayner | Star-Ledger


Cities across New Jersey have enacted mandatory paid sick leave laws during the past year, and now an effort is under way to pass similar legislation at the state level.


Although proponents of the bill focus on allowing employees to stay home when they are sick, the legislation would do significantly more than that. As drafted, the bill would create unprecedented liability for New Jersey’s employers, making New Jersey the only state where an employee can sue over the paid sick leave requirement.


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Contact your Assembly members today and let them know that when it comes to the liability risk included in the paid legislation, the cure is worse than the disease.

If you have questions about this legislation, or need assistance contacting your legislators, please contact a member of the NJCJI team.