Rayner expresses optimism for tort reform agenda.

TRENTON, N.J. – Marcus Rayner, Executive Director of the New Jersey Lawsuit Reform Alliance (NJLRA), today congratulated former U.S. Attorney Christopher Christie on being elected as the 55th Governor of New Jersey.

“It’s encouraging that Governor-Elect Christie shares NJLRA’s concerns regarding our state’s civil justice policies,” said Rayner. “New Jersey faces many challenges, and the economy is a top priority for both the business community and New Jerseyans. Reform of our civil justice laws can improve our State’s business climate without spending one dime of the taxpayers’ money.”

In particular, NJLRA’s members – which include medical trade associations, many of New Jersey’s leading employers, the NJBIA and the New Jersey State Chamber of Commerce – are optimistic that Governor-Elect Christie shares our goal to limit the number of lawsuits coming into New Jersey from out of state.

“We look forward to working with Governor-Elect Christie and the entire legislature as we try to bring much-needed reform to New Jersey’s civil justice laws.”

Governor-Elect Christie’s proposals to end the abuse of New Jersey’s civil justice system include:

  • Making it more difficult for out-of-state plaintiffs to sue in New Jersey courts.
  • Making it more difficult to file class action lawsuits for frivolous reasons.
  • Preventing the admission of flimsy and dubious testimony offered by expert witnesses.